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Hispanic Advertising Agency.

Hispanic and Latino Americans are Americans with origins in the Hispanic countries of Latin America or in Spain, and in general all persons in the United States who self-identify as Hispanic or Latino. You need a reliable Hispanic Advertising Agency to tap in this market and convert the prospects to customers.

Advertise to Hispanic American segments.

Reflecting especially the Latin American population, which has origins in all the continents and many ancestries,Hispanic/Latino Americans are very racially diverse, and as a result form an ethnic category, rather than a race. It's no secret that this market has a considerable buying powerand political voice. Whether it is for ROI, awareness or outreach, Allied Media has the experience in helping clients and organizations cater to this market and its diverse demographics.

Hispanic Americans

Allied Media is a Hispanic advertising agency that helps you tailor your advertising and marketing campaign to speak to the hearts and minds of Hispanic segments. Starting from your business goals, we craft your message and make it culturally relevant to your demographics, and take in consideration the level of linguistic isolation of your segment. We create and produce the advertising in a way that you audience will in return, give you their undying loyalty. Finally, the most important decision of where, when and who delivers your messages will have to be well planned. Allied Media long lasting relationship with the media will get you the most of your invested dollar. As your Hispanic Advertising Agency, we will help you place your advertising at the right place at the best time for best ROI or most effective outreach.


The second and third generation of Hispanic consumers have become mobile and part of the cyber community.
While using all forms of media, Hispanics tend to be attracted to television and radio.

But as the youth and elders assimilate to the U.S. culture, we are finding more and more attraction to the Web. If you combine the media and the culture relevancy in a comprehensive strategy, the effectiveness of your advertising dollar can noticeably increase your company's market share. For new-media & online strategies we offer:

  • Hispanic Digital Media Advertising and planning
  • Culturaly Relevant Creative Development
  • Website Desig, Hispanic Branding and Ad Design
  • New Hispanic Media Buying and Planning
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Hispanic Public Relations
  • Hispanic Social Media

Online Hispanic Advertising Agency

Hispanic Print Media MAgazines and Newspapers

Allied Media is an industry leader in Hispanic magazines and Hispanic newspaper placement locally and nationwide. We have the capabilities to run multiple forms of advertisements into Hispanic newspapers and Hispanic magazines, including solo inserts. We have established industry-leading low rates and relationships with over thousands of papers throughout the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Latin America.

Hispanic Newspaper placement gives advertisers the opportunity to select specific sections to place their ad, and to target demo- and geo-graphically. Additionally, we have the ability to reach key market segments as Hispanic Students, Hispanic Women, Hispanic Gay and Lesbians, and many more.